We provide on-site data center hardware maintenance for companies of all sizes.

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Server maintenance and data recovery are very crucial services of a company.

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We are in this business for the last 10 years. Every time when a company requires service from us, we partner with our customers in order to understand and meet their business maintenance requirements. We provide maintenance for hardware, server and storage support. We also provide system upgrades, installations, server recovery, OS support, data center relocation services, etc. We provide solutions to small businesses to the large corporations.

Bradley Mone

Bradley Mone ~ Owner/Blogger

At Intellisys, we offer a single point of contact for all your technology needs. We have a training facility consisting of quality labs where various tools and equipments used for the maintenance works are tested. Our employees undergo intensive training after joining us. We also provide them with regular training every six months in order to keep them updated with the latest technology and maintenance techniques available.

Currently, we maintain servers and storage in data centers for manufacturing plants, banks, hospitals, universities, financial institutions and private businesses. We have hired the right people for the right job. We try to meet each of our customer’s needs and provide great results.

For the past 10 years we have maintained servers and recovered lost server data. We provide highest standard of service delivery and most of the time we are successful in exceeding our customers’ expectations. We use proactive approach to provide better solutions. We constantly monitor our clients’ server, looking for any malware or virus. Once we detect it, we try to get rid of it so that the malware cannot result in any further damage to the company’s server. We provide continuous backups and use the latest software to recover server data that is lost. For quality maintenance of your server and recovering server data, contact our office. We will assess your condition and will design a solution for you.