Bradley Mone

Bradley Mone ~ Owner/Blogger

Intellisys is a B2B company helping small to large corporations with the maintenance and recovery of their machines and servers. We have the ability to build and design Server installation of any size, from single server units to enterprise installations. We have a proven record of providing large-scale server deployments.

We provide on-site data center hardware maintenance for companies of all sizes. We provide maintenance service for mainframe, midrange and Intel-baesd servers for IBM, Sun, Dell, HP, etc.   We make sure that your business runs smoothly all the time. We understand how important data is to your organization. Due to many unforeseen events, data may be lost. We provide server and hardware recovery service for you as well so that you can get back the valuable data you had lost.

Our team consists of a diverse group of people. There are Hardware Engineers, Server Specialists, Data Recovery Specialists. Software Engineers, Server Maintenance Specialists, Support Engineers, and many more. They are all knowledgeable, well trained and experienced. They know their jobs very well. All of our employees have great passion for this, for which they are able to give you the best service for your business.