How to prevent servers from shutting down completely

We experience the sudden shut down of servers now and then. This can result in losing valuable company data. Here are some of the ways to prevent servers from shutting down completely.

1. Click the clock

If you see that on application window closes automatically after the other, then you should change the date and time on the clock to somewhere in the past. This tells Windows that ‘now’ is still in the future and so it stops itself from shutting down.

2. Shutdown -a

You can open a command prompt and type ‘shutdown-a’. You can create a Windows shortcut and use ‘shutdown –a’ command as the location of the item. If this shortcut is copied to the quickstart bar then the shutdown can be stopped.

3. Shutdown Event Tracker

Admins often activate the ‘Shutdown Event Tracker’. When this is enabled, Windows will display the Shutdown Event Tracker dialog always before shutting down the computer. This means an extra click is required to shut down the computer.

4. ShutdownGuard

You can install this tool in your computer. If it is enabled, it will prevent every shutdown. A warning message is displayed. So, you can either cancel the shutdown or click ‘Force shut down’.

All these methods will help you to prevent your server from shutting down completely. They buy time for you and allow you to choose whether you want to shut down or not. This way you won’t lose any unsaved work and there won’t be any file corruption. You can use one of these methods to prevent your server from shutting down completely.