Server maintenance and data recovery are very crucial services of a company. We take great care when providing services to our client. We provide the following services.

Server maintenance


We provide server maintenance support for your company. We use proactive approach to reduce downtime. We provide fast response, comprehensive site audits, locally stocked parts, etc. We have a team of professionals who are very committed to their work.

Storage maintenance


It is necessary to keep the hardware storage engines running in order to maximize the uptime. We provide storage maintenance services to reduce risk of downtime. We provide flexible storage maintenance agreements and certified engineers to serve our customers.

Hardware maintenance


We can provide very quick hardware maintenance service. We begin troubleshooting right away. We provide reliable on-site response from the primary engineer. We provide complete site audit of your equipment.

Server recovery solutions


Your server data may be lost anytime. In such case we can help you by recovering your valuable server data. We can also provide you remote solutions.



We provide flexible, reliable, and smart VMware support for your company. If you decide to virtualize your environment then we can support you.

All these maintenance and recovery solutions make sure that the company operation doesn’t cease for a long time due to problems in servers and hardware. We provide very quick response to our customers and this makes us so unique.